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SCBWI Ireland is a society for anyone who lives in Ireland and writes and/or illustrates stories for children. We encourage each other online, we critique each other's writing and we meet together for seminars, workshops and conferences on all aspects of writing, illustrating and getting published. To find out more about SCBWI, visit www.scbwi.org and see what Scbwi is doing in countries all around the world.


contact the Regional Advisor or Assistant Regional Advisor by email:


Jacqui McVeigh, Regional Advisor

Jane Mitchell, Assistant Regional Advisor


First meeting of 2011

DATE: Saturday 26th March, 2.30pm at (Children's Books Ireland) 
First Floor 17 North Great Georges Street, Dublin
CONTACT: Jacqui McVeigh
CONTACT: Jane Mitchell

Second meeting 2011

DATE: Saturday 11th June 2011 
CONTACT: Jacqui McVeigh
CONTACT: Jane Mitchell
LOCATION/TIME: Cork, 2.30pm-4pm Upstairs in the Cork Vision Centre.




               Two authors of wonderful books for children will be speaking on the day.

Maeve MacMahon, author of Riding Out the Hurricane and Paula Leyden, author of The Butterfly Heart, will each talk about their own very unique and personal experiences of writing their books and succeeding in getting them published.

                                    We will also be announcing details of our main Autumn event – a wonderful weekend writers’ retreat to give you the time, space and support necessary to write, to reflect and to share your writing challenges with others aspiring writers of books for children and young people.

I look forward to seeing some of you there on the day!


Jane Mitchell 

Website: www.janemitchell.ie


Third meeting 2011 

Scbwi Ireland and Scbwi British Isles Retreat 2011 

DATE: NOVEMBER 2011 Details announced at the Cork Meeting

CONTACT: Jacqui McVeigh

CONTACT: Jane Mitchell