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The next meeting of the SCBWI-Ireland Chapter is coming up in less than two weeks. The meeting will be held in Cork city to given members in the south of the country the opportunity to get together and meet up. Everyone is welcome, members and non-members alike. Please pass the word on to anyone you know who might be interesting in participating. Attendance is free. I will be travelling from Dublin for the event, as will other members.


I hope lots of you can make it for what promises to be a very exciting afternoon!


Where?                       Upstairs in the Cork Vision Centre.

See the centre’s website:http://www.corkvisioncentre.com for more information.

When?                        Saturday 11th June 2011


Time?                          2.30 pm


Agenda?                     Two authors of wonderful books for children will be speaking on the day.

Maeve MacMahon, author of Riding Out the Hurricane and Paula Leyden, author of The Butterfly Heart, will each talk about their own very unique and personal experiences of writing their books and succeeding in getting them published.

                                    We will also be announcing details of our main Autumn event – a wonderful weekend writers’ retreat to give you the time, space and support necessary to write, to reflect and to share your writing challenges with others aspiring writers of books for children and young people.

I look forward to seeing some of you there on the day!


Jane Mitchell 


Website: www.janemitchell.ie


Scbwi Ireland and Scbwi British Isles Retreat in Ireland, Autumn 2011 Anyone Interested? Details announced at the Cork meeting.

SCBWI British Isles Annual Conference November 2011

If any of our members would like to attend the British Isles Conference, please see more information on our News Page and then go onto the Scbwi British Isles Website to find details of the programme/speakers, etc. when it has been finalised.

SCBWI Ireland end of year report 2010

By Jacqui McVeigh Regional Advisor, Ireland


Scbwi Ireland had a busy and successful 2010.

We had decided at the end of 2009 that we would meet in various locations throughout the country of Ireland to give more opportunities for members to meet together.


Our first meeting of 2010 was on February 20th, in Dublin at Children’s Books Ireland Headquarters, 17 North Great Georges Street, 2.30pm. We planned our conference for September 11th 2010.


Our second meeting of 2010 was on May 22nd, in Cork Library at 3.00pm where members were able to catch up and learn about the difficulties of writing opening paragraphs and how to overcome such problems.


On September 11th we had our Scbwi Ireland Conference 2010, entitled, 'Between the Lines'. Jane Yolen, who is a prolific author from the U.S.A was our lead speaker, along with Judi Curtin and Kes Gray from Ireland and the UK. This was a very successful conference and an informative time for us all. Thanks, once again, go to all of our enthusiastic helpers.


Scbwi Ireland next met in Belfast on Saturday, November 27th, 2010 at the Europa Hotel. Unfortunately, due to rare extreme snowy conditions, we had a very small turnout at this meeting but we agreed to keep in touch by email and to use our very successful e-critique system which is administered by Jane Mitchell, Scbwi Ireland Assistant Regional Advisor. Thanks to Jane again for doing this great work for our region.


We had our meeting in Dublin on 26th March 2011 and planned what we would do for the rest of the year.




Jacqui McVeigh



Illustrator: S. McVeigh
Illustrator: S. McVeigh